Appalachian Dulcimer-Spruce


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Appalachian Dulcimer-Spruce

Appalachian Dulcimer-Spruce

This lovely Appalachian dulcimer is wonderful to play. Geared machine heads,Solid Spruce top,Rosewood back and sides.
The dulcimer comes complete with a Gig Bag, and a spare set of Strings.


Appalachian Dulcimer

Name applied to certain musical instruments of the box zither type. Includes Hammered Dulcimer and Appalachian Dulcimer.
Introduction: Descended from the Northern European zithers, the Appalachian Dulcimer developed in the Appalachian mountains of the Eastern USA, where it was used in old time music. Its popularity has spread because of its delicate sound, and the ease with which it can be played. An ideal instrument for song accompaniment.


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