Tabor Pipes

Here at Red Cow Music we try to keep a small range of Tabor Pipes or Whistles for sale.

Tabor pipes are not something every music shop sells.

If you want to start learning how to play the tabor pipe.Then you could do no better than to buy a Generation tabor pipe in D.This is an instrument that works well and is easy to play.

You can buy the pipes from us.

Red Cow Music are a small family run business based in Darkest North Yorkshire and are proud of our folk traditions.


The English Tabor pipe is a 3-hole whistle which, since the 11th century, has traditionally been used in conjunction with a tabor drum. A single musician would beat the drum with their right hand whilst playing the pipe with the thumb and first two fingers of their left hand.

The origins of the Tabor pipes can be traced back to the bone-flutes of pre-history, are found in many different cultures around the world, and come in many different styles.
And from the royal courts of the medieval era to Shakespeare’s plays to folk customs, this little three-hole pipe has quite a colourful history.

Why not become part of that history yourself with a 3 Hole D.
Pipe and tabor is a pair of instruments played by a single player, consisting of a three-hole pipe played with one hand, and a small drum played with the other.
The tabor (drum) hangs on the performer’s left arm or around the neck, leaving the hands free to beat the drum with a stick in the right hand and play the pipe with thumb and first two fingers of the left hand.

The pipe is made out of wood, metal or plastic and consists of a cylindrical tube of narrow bore pierced with three holes near one end, two in front and one in back. At the opposite end is a fipple or block, similar to that used in a recorder.

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  • Generation Brass Tabor Pipe, D

    Generation Brass Tabor Pipe, D

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  • Susato GTP210-M Tabor Pipe Low G

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  • Tabor Drum 12 Inch

    Tabor Drum 12 Inch

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  • Tabor Drum 8 Inch

    Tabor Drum 8 Inch

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  • Tabor Drum. Tuneable

    Tabor Drum Tuneable

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  • Tabor Pipe in D by Susato

    Tabor Pipe in D by Susato

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  • Tabor Pipe, D Nickel

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