Concertinas are our speciality here at Red Cow Music.The concertina comes in a variety of fingering systems,the anglo,the english and the duet.At Red Cow we have a great range of concertina,from the budget models costing under £200,the mid price concertinas from Concertina Connection and the Italian Stagi range,up to the handmade concertinas such as the Wakker and Morse.
It could not be easier to buy a concertina than here at Red Cow.We have years of knowledge to guide you through your purchase as well as a great back up team if in the unusual event things well do not go to plan,and sometimes it happens ,we are human too ! If you need advice on starting out on the concertina please call us or send us an email and we will get straight back to you.

Why Buy a concertina from Red Cow Music:

1/ We offer one of the best selections of new and used concertinas in the UK
2/ We offer an appointment system so you can come and try out our concertinas
3/ We send out your new instruments carriage free (UK Mainland)
4/ We have our own workshops where our Concertina’s are serviced.
5/ We offer a great selection of accessories and a large selection of books for anyone interested in both traditional or modern folk music.
6/ We buy and part exchange concertinas, so if you have one to sell please call us.
7/ If you need your concertina repairing we have our own workshop.

So please get in touch and we will try our utmost to help supply you with your new concertina on 07812064322 or email at

Types of Concertina

The Anglo Concertina:-
The Anglo is commonly used for dance-music, particularly Morris, and Irish music. It’s also used to accompany songs, shanties etc. Each button produces a different note on the push and draw of the bellows (so there are TWO notes per button). The high notes are on the right-hand end, the low on the left. So you can play the tune with the right hand, and vamp chords with the left.

The English Concertina:-
The English concertina is fully chromatic and each button plays the same note on both push and pull of the bellows. The scale comes by alternating notes from each end of the instrument, which makes it easy to play fast runs. This system tends to suit players who read music as the buttons line up exactly with written music with the stave lines on the left hand and spaces on the right.

The Duet Concertina:-
The Duet Concertina is probably the hardest to play, but the most versatile. Like the English, the same note plays in both directions, but like the Anglo, the treble notes are on the right hand end, and the bass notes on the left.

More Help Needed !

If you require any help purchasing any style of concertina from Red Cow Music please call us on 07812064322. We will be more than happy to assist you. Don’t forget that we also carry a fantastic selection of traditional music ideal for players of all standards. We also offer a full repair service.

If you already have a concertina and would like to sell it, please contact Steve on the above number or email him at

All orders are sent out carriage FREE to anywhere in the UK mainland

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