Shawm/Bombarde Bb Cocuswood Deluxe Model


Shawm/Bombarde Bb Cocuswood Deluxe Model.A super quality instrument.

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Shawm/Bombarde Bb Cocuswood Deluxe Model.Good quality with brass rings and a bell bottom. 6 finger holes, with reed.

European double reed wind instrument dating from the 12th century or earlier. Probably imported from the middle east and is the predecessor of the oboe. Most European countries have a folk version of it. See Bombarde, Gralla etc.
Introduction: Shawms are loud, piercing instruments often used for folk dance music. The Breton Bombarde is often played together with the Biniou bagpipe.

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Product Features

  • Traditional Breton style Bombarde
  • Excellent value and quality
  • Classic hardwood tone

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