English & Duet Hayden Concertinas

Red Cow Music specialise in providing great acoustic instruments such as the English concertina and have a huge selection for sale at our York shop, with makers such as Wheatstone Concertina Connections Lachenal Scarlatti Hohner and Stagi to name a few. If you require any advice in selecting from our range of English Concertinas, please do get in touch English Concertina – The concertina was invented by Charles Wheatstone. The concertina is a free reed musical instrument driven by bellows Their are currently three types of fingering systems in common use the English, Anglo and Duet Haydn The English concertina produces the same note as the bellows are pushed in or out.The English concertina is fully chromatic and each button plays the same note on both push and pull of the bellows. The scale comes by alternating notes from each end of the instrument, which makes it easy to play fast runs. This system tends to suit players who read music as the buttons line up exactly with written music with the stave lines on the left hand and spaces on the right.We also have a great team at our store and are always willing to help you with your purchase, we even offer a wonderful concertina repair service.

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