Squeezeboxes-Red Cow Music specialize in providing acoustic instruments. We have a great range of Anglo, English and Duet concertina’s. Melodeons and Accordions, both available at our York store or on line. We are a Family run company with a real store and are always happy to help. If you require any advice in selecting from our squeezebox range please do get in touch.We offer a wide range of new and used concertinas, both new and used. The push-pull anglo system is very accessible for beginners and works really well for folk dance music. We have a number of good players on our staff who can advise.The English and Duet Concertinas, two different styles of chromatic concertina, which play the same note on the push and pull. Red Cow Music has a great reputation for selling good quality melodeons from the likes of Hohner and Sherwood. We always carry a good selection of piano accordions at our York store.