Red Cow Music specialise in selling great Sitar both in our UK shop and online. We choose our sitar with care and select the best available at the right price.We have a great dedicated team to help you with any quires or questions you may have. Unlike many of our competitors we have real people waiting to help you, and that person could be one of our family members as we are a traditional family company with 40 years experience in the music business.We also supply a repair service on site at our York store, where you will be able to try out sitars in comfort or maybe just pick up a new set of strings.

What ever your sitars needs we will be more than happy to help you, and most of all we will be there to support you if anything goes wrong ! no dreadful 0800 numbers just normal sitar loving folks trying their best to help. sitars are a long-necked lute like instrument with a large pumpkin gourd body and arguably the most iconic Indian instrument. Some variants have detachable resonator gourds on the back of the neck, all of sitars have movable frets optimising tuning for particular ragas (Indian modes). Tuning pegs are fitted for fine tuning along a hollow wood neck, this neck design allows for light and resonant tones. There are 7 plucked strings and (normally) 13 sympathetic strings beneath the arching frets, the strings are played with one finger pick (misrab) and two fingers walking up and down the course.Why don’t you call into our York store and try one of these beautiful instruments.

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